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Feel Better Faster with Dr. Karli Urban

Learn how to choose the right level of care for your situation
Feel Better Faster with Dr. Karli Urban

Mizzou Urgent Care is located in South Providence Medical Park, 551 E. Southampton Dr. in Columbia.

Patients often call Mizzou Urgent Care and ask where they should be seen for their condition. To determine where to receive the most appropriate care, consider your symptoms and how long they have been present.


Primary Care

Your primary care physician serves a critical role in your health care. Your physician helps monitor your long-standing health conditions and can provide referrals to specialists as needed. If you are in need of medication refills, follow-up care for a chronic medical problem (such as diabetes or hypertension) or treatment of skin concerns such as warts or acne, your primary care physician is the most appropriate person for you to see. You can schedule an appointment by calling your doctor’s office or visiting MU Healthe.

Quick Care

Mizzou Quick Care clinics are located within the three Columbia Hy-Vee locations. These clinics treat adults and children 24 months and older. Because there are no X-ray services and minimal lab services available at these locations, Quick Care is most appropriate for relatively healthy individuals with problems such as ear infections, bladder infections, colds and rashes. If you require more extensive medical care, you may be referred to Mizzou Urgent Care or the emergency room.

Urgent Care

Mizzou Urgent Care is available to provide care to patients of all ages with immediate health care needs that are not life threatening. This includes evaluation and treatment of sore throat, pneumonia, musculoskeletal injuries, minor cuts and burns, hives and rashes, and mild abdominal discomfort. If your medical concern requires evaluation with labs or imaging (such as X-ray or CT), this is typically available during clinic hours.

Emergency Room

Patients with severe or life-threatening injuries or conditions should be evaluated at the emergency room. Examples include chest pain, significant difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, suspected stroke, excessive bleeding and severe abdominal pain.

If you aren’t feeling well, aren’t able to see your primary care physician and are not sure if you should go to Mizzou Quick Care, Mizzou Urgent Care or the emergency room, check out our guide: Choosing the Right Level of Care. Our goal is to take care of your acute injury and illness needs so you can return to your busy life.

Mizzou Urgent Care
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